WeTwit4U.com is the most Complex and Complete twitter promo solution for CamModels!

Why the most complex? Because we go far beyound of just tweeting and retweeting pictures with whitelabes or affiliate links, and looking “spammy” …And the most complete, because we even offer to take care of the camgirls’ accounts and tweet for them! 🙂 That’s sweet, isn’t it? 🙂

WeTwit4U services are offered to:

– CamGirls (mainly).

Probably soon we will work also with CamBoys (Straight & Gays) and Trans.

– cam Studios.

If you have above the average models, we can promote them. The good thing for studios is that we can “mix the promotions”, like promoting the models each other.

– Porn actrices & Movie studios.

In the future, we intend to extend our twitter services also to porn actrices, and later to actors or even movies producers.

Why Twitter and why Twitter for Cams?

When Twitter was first released, many internet marketers laughed at it and considered it just a useless fad…With the time, twitter became one of the greatest social networks nowadays that receives a lots of  attention in the marketing mix of any company!

A few reasons why Twitter helped a lot the camgirls, are:

– Twitter doesn’t hate Porn…YET! 🙂

Although officially doesn’t allow Porn, Twitter is much more Adult friendly than any big social network. Facebook deletes lots of adult actrices’ pages…

– “I’m Live, NOW!”

You can deliver the message QUICK to your followers: “I’m on, guys! 🙂 Cum watch my cam!”. If you want to tell “big stories” to your fans, blog is the best, but if you want just to let them know that you are Live, twitter is one of the best tools! 🙂

– Virality!

Retweet and Favorite buttons are some of the most powerful tool to become Viral, to let people spread the news about you…

– NEW fans & customers!

The big virality of twitter, helps you to get new Fans (whom, although are not paying you, are valuable because they help you build your brand by sharing you on internet or voting you on CamAwards) and also Paying Customers. But to get New Customers from twitter, you need to increase the efficiency of your twitter promotion by tweeting more, offering good quality tweets (PICTURES!) and learning the tricks to increase your virality (hashtags, trends, mention 4 retweets, “educating” your fans and followers to help you on twitter, etc :).

– reciprocal promotion.

If you have friends that are also camming, you can promote them on your account (retweets, tweets and mentions) and they can promote you, and by sharing your fans bases, you are all increasing your brands!


Of course, we do it because we love “The Art of Camming”, but we also have costs to cover, so that’s why we are “forced” into getting some benefits from our activity 🙂

There are 2 options:

1. Our affiliate links (150$/month)

All the promoted sites from your twitter account, are made through our affiliate links (cam rooms, personal sites, other products recommendation, etc). We guarantee a permanent increase of your fans base, attracting new ones from twitter and a “close relationship” with them! 🙂

2. Your affiliae links (300$/month)

In both situations, you also have access to your account, so you can also tweet, only that in the case of “our affiliate links”, if you want to promote your site or room, you have to do it through our links. We can even learn your “tweeting style” so that we do it “your way”! 🙂

In both cases we need at least 150 quality pictures / month. They can be also amateur style, is not necessary to be made at professional studios, but is important to be good quality, clear, big, art style, sexy & erotic, not porn.

Fucking FAQ

“Why should I trust you, guys, to give you my password from my twitter account?”

Easy: the same way you trust your doctor, the same way you give your ID to the camsites when you register, the same way you didn’t trust but now you do to keep your files on cloud…We are also WELL KNOWN in the CamBusiness, visit the Team to better see who we are, and if we haven’t met yet at any adult or cam convention, we will do it soon, because we try to participate in almost all the events from Europe & America!

“Why (the fuck) should I give up to my affiliate earnings or pay somebody else to tweet for me, when I can do it and get all the money? Ha! Me no stupid!!!”

How much money do you make from your affiliate links on twitter? Let’s say that you make 100-200$/month extra…Wouldn’t you prefer to let somebody else to earn this or even pay 300$/month, but to have an increase of 3000-7000$/month (OR MORE!) as a cammodel? Beside that, we guarantee a minimum of 10-20 tweets & retweets daily and some stats that looks very good at the end of the month! You can have thousands of followers, if you tweet 1-3 times per day and you don’t do it GOOD, your twitter promotion means almost ZERO, beside the fact that you are wasting your time!!!!!! 🙂 Focus on what you do best (cam shows, pictures & videos), and for the rest, pay others to help you make even more money (LEVERAGE)!

“How do I know that this WeTwit4U is really useful to me, as a camgirl/camboy/trans/porn actrice/actor?”

There are lots of indicators and statistics that shows the profitability of the twitter promotion: the number of followers, the number of retweets, tweets and mentions that you get, twitter analytics, google analytics from your site or the statistics offered by the affiliate programs that shows how many visitors you received from twitter on your cam rooms! 🙂 So, we can actually tell you the amount of visitors we sent you by day/weeks/month and even the countries they come from, so that you rest assured that they come from “rich countries” (USA, Canada, Australia, Western Europe countries like France, Germany, Holland, etc) !!! 🙂 We don’t spam you on “poor countries”…Beside that, we use special techniques to target your traffic to cam consumers! Few days ago, even twitter started to show analytics: https://analytics.twitter.com.

“So, you’re actually…a twitter spammer, huh?”

Actually, we do try our best to play by twitter rules and make everybody happy…We are constantly informed by the changing Anti Spam Rules of twitter, we respect them and advise everybody to do the same. Beside that, we are not “massive tweets generators”, we don’t use any bots and all the tweets are “hand made” by a human (sometimes, by more)! 🙂 Another reason why we don’t want to look spammy is because we don’t want to annoy fans, we want to seducem them and make them stay and to attract lots of new ones, by offering quality content in a pleasant way!

“What if my twitter account gets banned because of WeTwit4U?”

As you can see on twitter, there are many adult models that have huge amounts of followers, with “explicit pictures and videos” and some with an intense twitter activity! Still, we don’t have to forget that officially, Twitter doesn’t allow Adult (Cam or Porn) images or links, so the probability to get banned by twitter is bigger than if you are selling shoes or school books…Beside that, when twitter bans you, they give no warnings before and offer no explanations after! We’re happy to see that till now, WeTwit4U never had any twitter account banned!

Make sure to follow us 🙂 www.twitter.com/WeTwit4U

We wish you a nice and profitable tweeting!!!

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