There are many agencies promoting PornStars, but CamMillionaires is the 1st Agency in the world specialised in promoting CamGirls, both online and offline, but using especially the most advanced promotion tools that internet offers, mainly through Social Networks & Viral Marketing. Although the Cam and Porn share similarities, there are also many diferences, so it seemed necesary to have a company focusing only on Cammodels.

Cammillionaires assists the models with:

– Profile creation and model training;

Although some models are already making tons of money, we try to bring creative solutions to improve their profiles and even their shows.

– Brand building (creation, diferentiation, management);

If you want to grow and see huge results as a cammodel, you have to see your “cam ID” as a Brand, and treat your camming as a Business!

– Site building and affiliate program;

– Social network & adult network promo;

– Viral marketing;

If you get just a few shares and retweets, then you are definatelly doing something wrong! The best advertising is that one made through recommendations, and we help models to get the maximum results with the minimum cost and effort!

– Specific Cam Promo: awards, events, sites for models.

– Pictures & Videos Selling on different platforms like;

Of course you can sell your pictures and videos on almost any camsite, but you can expand your customers base, your brand and your revenues by using also other platforms.

– Creating new products and services for the model that can be sold by the model with her brand, starting from easy to personalise items like tshirts, caps, phone covers to more sophisitcated products and services like Apps, Games, Fragrances, Lingerie lines, etc!

– Statistics, analytics & optimization.

It’s all about the numbers: number of visitors, followers, likes, shares, retweets and the most important ones: the Revenues! 🙂 So we offer the complete image of the efforts and costs used to reach the results, and the best ways to optimize all the processes, so we can increase the results, while decreasing the costs & eforts!

By the level of access that can have to our services, there are 2 categories:

– For EVERYBODY – here we include beginners or medium level models, or studios ( – twitter promotion for models, – newsletter services for models, – model promotion through Polls & Fan votes). Also here, we try to select models that are above average, because the low level models are not making money for them, nor for the sites that they work for, nor for us. And the promotion can help only the good models.

– Only for the BEST – we want to personally work with the best models or the models that have great potential for growing!


Our services targets mainly 3 categories:

1. Top Models – models that are already doing it big and are in search of methods to do it even bigger!

2. Models with Potential – they can be intermediate or even beginners that “have that something” that makes them look like they were born for webcam, and have great potential to grow & learn fast.

3. Studios that have models from the 2 categories above.



We make money by:

– affiliate marketing, through the affiliate links that we send the visitors to the model’s room or model’s site;

– fees, that we can charge for some specific services;

Example: We offer you WeTwit4U services for 1 month, minimum 20 tweets per day, for 300$.

– commissions, depending on the project that we work;

Example: We sell model’s videos and pictures on Clips4sale and we split the revenues on 50% commission.

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  1. By Sammi Ross, February 3, 2015 @ 01:41

    I’m interested in learning more about how to make over 1 million a year.

  2. By Admin_LUCA, August 12, 2015 @ 05:27

    Awesome, Ross! Follow our blog and social networks, and for sure you will find some useful tips! 🙂


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