Great success 4 CamMillionaires seminars @ the european summits!

Ever since we launched CamMillionaires in 2014, we were not at all “modest or shy” about the goals we want to reach and the totally new approach in CamModels promotion! šŸ™‚

Although we promoted very little the CamMillionaires project (few blog posts, few mentions on forums, some tweets and facebook page posts), the echo of our ideas highly exceeded our expectations from the beginning, but the most important positive feedback we have received from the Cam & Porn Industry at the european summits inĀ 2015, where Luca presented the seminar “(Self)Promo for CamModels and Studios”.

CamMillionaires seminar @ TheEuropeanSummit, Sitges, 2015

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Here are the reasons why we are so proud about the success of this seminar:

– although we were not expecting lots of participants, I was there 10 minutes before to check the conference room…and the room was already full 10 minutes before the start!!! šŸ™‚

– I participate at the european gatheringsĀ since 2009, beside other exposĀ and conferences from Spain and America, but is the firstĀ time that I’ve seen some things that I’ve experienced at my seminar: all the seminars were 1 hour and half long, with 30 minutes of break in between…While some seminars or products presentations finished in 30-40 minutes, at our seminar, the room was fullĀ from the beginning till we hadĀ to leave, no more places to sit, some people were even standing on their feet, nobody left the room and the public asked me not to stop, so I continued 30 minutes more, in total 2 hours, and if it was not for Flirt4free with Kiiro who were waiting at the door to present their integration in the new wave of more interaction between models and customers, my public didn’t want me to stop!!! šŸ™‚ I’ve participated at their product presentation and it was interesting, but still, we had much more cam professionals at our seminars than them!!! šŸ™‚ We don’t mean that we’re better than them, we just emphasize that CamMillionaires managed to come with the ideas and solutions in which lots of cam professionals, models and studios, or even cam sites, are highly interested!

– in the same time with our seminar, there was another panel named “The future of cybersex”, where there were 7 speakers amongst the best known professionals from Cam and Adult Industry, so lots of participants from Cam who were interested in both seminars, they only could chose one. Despite of this great competitor, we did it more than great! šŸ™‚

– ever since we started CamMillionaires, our focus was on Quality, not Quantity! We wanted the best camgirls and studios to promote and the best affiliates to work with! So also at the seminar, we were interested in the quality of the participants, which was very HIGH: some of the top studios and camgirls from Usa, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech, Ukraine, etc…studios and models that have been recognized with lots of international cam awards!

– CamMillionaires seminarsĀ areĀ the greatest opportunity to introduce to top cam professionals the main ideas of CamMillionaires for branding, promotion and income diversification, together with some of the most daring, creative and crazy projects to make from CamModels the next giant global entertainers! Not only that we are delighted by the great positive feedback that we’ve received, but we love to see the “open mind” attitude that cam industry keeps in order to get the best ideas to evolve!

– in 2011, the german magazine “Adult Webmaster Business“, put me on their cover with an interview about Adult Webmaster Bible and adult marketing, as a marketing expert…it made me well known in the powerful and gigantic german adult industry, the biggest in Europe and oneĀ of the greatest in the world! I’m proud to see that the awesome recognition that I received for the theory from Webmaster Bible, translates today in the great feedback I gotĀ for CamMillionaires, where I offer the services I was talking about in the “bible”!

– the seminar finished extremely touchingly for me: all the participants standing, clapping their hands and congratulating me! I was overwhelmed! Also here, I wanna thank all those who took part at my presentation! I’m glad they enjoyed it so much and I promise them to try to come again with seminars and ideas that they can find useful, and all presented in the same funny way! šŸ™‚

– and last, but not least –> the summit from March 2015, had more “happy ending” for me: lots of studios and models showed their interest to work with me! Thanks for your interest and trust, and I promises not only never to disappoint you, but to bring lots of proofs that with CamMillionaires, the models and studios can increase their brands, social media exposure, income and can diversify more their revenues!

Mmmm….just wait and see our Viral Marketing campaigns for cammodels, that will take Internet by storm and make History, transforming the models into Icons, Living Legends, Trend setters!!! The future is…bright! šŸ˜‰

PS. Good news again: I was confirmed with a new seminar inĀ September —> “Can CamModels become Internet celebrities and beat Kardashians?”, where I will go beyond “just traffic” and talk about the basics to become an internet celebrity nowadays…I am a great believer that some of the chat models of today, tomorrow will be “the new Hollywood stars”, offering huge global entertainment and getting closer in revenues to the millions that some movie-stars and socialites make now…In fact, is just a matter of time till we get to the “1 million dollar per month baby”!…A new and original theme will be “how cammodels can benefit more from the cam summits & awards”, ideas that are already included in an article for Payoutmag (one of the most famous magazines dedicated to adult and cam industry), that Mikeb assured me it will be ready on Prague!

I am waiting for you! šŸ˜‰

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