CamMillionaires = CamModels who earn more than 1 million $ per year!

Hello, World of Cams! 🙂

We are #CamMillionaires, the 1st company dedicated to camgirls who earn or want to earn more than 1 million dollars per year! 🙂

We work based on commissions, that can be around 40-60%, depending on the project that we are working on.

Main services that we offer:

– Tips to improve the cam profiles and to increase revenues as a model;

– Brand building and brand management (definition, diferentiation, growth);

– Creating “the story” for every model;

– Site building & affiliate program management;

– Social networks and Adult networks promotion;

– Specific cams promotion;

– Viral advertising;

– Selling videos & pictures on clips4sale type of sites;

– Creating new products & services that camgirls can sell, with their brand, from easily to customize items like t-shirts, caps, phone covers, to more sophisticated products & services like apps, games, fragrances, lines of lingeries, drinks, etc!

There’s a new category of cammodels, that is growing day by day: The CamMillioniares! Will you be IN or OUT?

The sky is the fuckin’ limit!!!…and not even…;)

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